TruAlt News – Wallet Updates, Launch of Mac OS Wallet, Block Explorer

The beginning of February is off to a great start! TruAlt has now been live for just over 14 days and we have several positive updates to pass on. Here is an overview of the last week of January 2018;

  • Over the past several days we have seen a healthy increase in both wallet downloads. Our windows wallet breaking the 200 download mark.
  • With the increased downloads, we have seen multiple more machines start mining TruAlt. This is good news for the health of the still very new currency.
  • Staying on the same theme – our Linux and Windows Wallets have been updated and we are extremely happy to announce that we now released Mac OS wallet which is available on our TruAlt wallet download page.
  • We have updated our ticker from TAC to TACC
  • Finally, we launched a lightweight TruAlt block explorer and this is now accessible on our webpage.

That is it for now. As you can see we have been extremely busy since our launch only 2 weeks ago. Our next short-term goals include the following;

  • Mobile Android and IOS wallet
  • Explore options for browser-based wallets
  • We are currently in the application process for several cryptocurrency exchanges

Please check back regularly for more updates to the TruAlt project.



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TruAlt Update 22 January 2018

The team at TruAlt is very pleased to announce that has been launched. will serve as a central location for the TruAlt team to release news, updates, and other important information pertaining to the TruAlt project. Our website will also give users download options for both our Window or Linux core wallet.  Finally, we have ensured that we released instructions which will allow anyone with a PC running Windows or Linux to mine TruAlt.

As our project expands and new milestones are reached we will update you here first, so please bookmark our newsfeed and check back frequently.

Upcoming news

  • Our development team is currently looking at IOS and Android mobile wallet solutions and browser-based wallets for TruAlt users.
  • We are currently researching various exchanges in order to list TruAlt’s TAC.
  • The release of our whitepaper which will explain in greater detail the TruAlt project vision.

Thank you all for supporting the TruAlt project and special thanks to everyone who has donated – it is your generosity which has allowed us to reach this point.

The TruAlt Team

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