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Mining TruAlt

Beginning to mine TruAlt’s coin is a simple & rewarding process which is available to anyone with a Windows or Linux based PC or Mac.



  • Click on the file to install. Please ignore antivirus software warnings, they automatically target miners which are often maliciously inserted into a program to monopolize your resources and mine for someone else. In this case, you are aware and are the recipient of the coins which are being mined.

  • Allow the TruAlt wallet time to synchronize with the TruAlt network.

  • Click “Help” and then “Debug Window”

  • At the top of this window, choose the “Console” tab.

  • Type “setgenerate true -1”    the “-1” represents the number of cores you would like to be utilized.

Congratulations! You are now mining TruAlt.

For more information regarding the TruAlt Project, please join our community forum by clicking the button below.